Time to Meet Saul Goodman : Season 3

Better Call Season 3 starts April 10th • Brevard designed the skull boot tips, Zafiro Añejo tequila stopper & Don Eladio's evil Eye Rosary in the show

The third season of Better Call Saul premieres Monday, April 10th and we’re pretty, darn excited for its return. After two seasons playing the well-meaning, yet somewhat morally compromised, Jimmy McGill, we will finally be introduced to ‘Saul Goodman’ – the man himself - for the very first time. While not really a spoiler alert, it’s just been a matter of when. According to interviews with Bob Odenkirk who plays Jimmy McGill, we’ll see a very different side of Albuquerque’s most notorious criminal lawyer as he begins to become ‘Saul Goodman’.

As the Season 3 unfolds, keep an eye out for more BREVARD appearances. Season 2 started off through the eyes of a bottle of Zafiro Añejo Tequila - which featured our copper Agave Tequila Stopper for the infamous, yet fictitious tequila from Breaking Bad. How the writers wove the 2 stories together through the eyes of a bottle of tequila was absolutely brilliant.

Better Call Saul Zafiro Añejo Tequila Stopper designed by BREVARD • Availble for custom order.

And then, The Cousins made their return. With a close-up of the Skull Boot Tips as our first clue. Both designs were specifically created specifically for the show.

Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad featured BREVARD's Sterling Silver Skulll Boot Tips.

Rumor has it that several characters from Breaking Bad will be joining the story line in season 3. Giancarlo Esposito returns first, in his roles as Gus Fring, our beloved mild-mannered, revenge-bent drug kingpin that took down Don Eladio Vuente and his cartel with a tainted bottle of Zafiro Añejo.

Breaking bad Season 2 Sauld • Brevard designed the Zafiro Añejo Tequila Stopper • Availble for custom order

In a recent interview with the Independent talking about the new season, Odenkirk explains “...not only is Gus back, there’s a story with him and we get to learn a little more about his empire building.” The story behind Gus has always intrigued us, so you know where we will be on Monday nights….

Better Call Saul returns to AMC in the U.S. + on Netflix worldwide Monday, April 10th. Join us.