THE GUEST at the Ace Hotel

Having only known Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley, the doting husband and humble aristocrat killed off in season 3 of Downton Abbey, we were eager to see his starring role in the indie thriller The Guest. It premiered Sunday, August 10, as part of Sundance NEXT FEST, a 4-day line up of independent films that are, per a statement issued by the Sundance Institute, “stylistically adventurous and bold.”


Maika Monroe’s character Anna can be seen wearing our pyramid necklace, star stud earrings, eye of horus ring and pirate band ring throughout the film.

Shown in the restored historic theatre at the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, the film was dark, twisted and strangely hilarious. Following the movie, a Q & A session with screenwriter Simon Barrett and Director Adam Wingard revealed that Terminator and Halloween were significant inspirations for the film.