July 28, 2013

[M]aking Bad : Tequila Bottle Stopper

Episode Title: “Salud”

Original Air Date: September 18, 2011

Stylized to resemble an Agave in a planter, the Tequila Bottle Stopper is copper plated sterling silver to compliment the blue glass of the antique 19th century bottle of Zafiro Anejo. A generous gift from Gus to Eladio in this episode titled “Salud”.

Zafiro Anejo is not a real liquor. It was made up by the production crew when their attempts to find product placement for that particular scene fell through. Apparently none of the companies they approached were keen on the idea of people dropping over dead minutes after drinking their product.

Scene featuring the bottle of Zafiro Anejo with stopper. You can order yours here.

July 21, 2013

[M]aking Bad : Tortoise Money Clip

Episode Title: “I.F.T.”

Original Air Date: April 4th, 2010

Sterling Silver money clip for Tortuga played by Danny Trejo. This is hands down the largest money clip Bryan has ever designed. The size was intended to make it clearly visible in the show as well as match the personality of Tortuga.

July 09, 2013

Back in Black : Taryn Manning

54″ long necklace of red coral+ turquoise beads with a freshwater biwa cross + 18K • sterling silver pave peace ring • long necklace of tiny red coral + turquoise beads (worn wrapped around her wrist)

Actress Taryn Manning is featured in the July/August issue of Zephra Magazine wearing Brevard. In this article she addresses rumors about her kinship with Eli and Peyton Manning, misconceptions about her personality and her new role as "Pensa Tucky" in the Netflix original television series Orange is the New Black. This new show was created by Jenji Kohan, creator of the Showtime hit series Weeds.

Orange is the New Black debuts on Netflix July 11 at 12:00am PT.

You can read the full article here.

54″ necklace of red coral and turquoise beads with a freshwater biwa cross + 18KSaveSav

June 28, 2013

Naked without your Bracelets?

"Out of the darkness of one moment, grows the light of another moment.
Perhaps in some distant time, if not the next moment. Love the darkness" 
              - Sister Corita Kent

So many evocative textures in this photo from Jimon Magazine, our Nugget Bracelets appear to emulate light from the darkness. "Love the darkness." Shown here in a stack of 3. Weather worn solo or mixed, our Nugget Bracelets are an instant favorite for both men and women. With a confident weight, once you put these bracelets on, you'll feel naked without them. Offered in Sterling Silver or Oxidized Silver.

Where can you pick up your's? Savvy shoppers, know to visit Kiki in Louisiana. It is most certainly the go-to place for high-end, must-have jewelry and accessories in the area. And our Nugget Bracelets are one of Kiki's favorites.

Kiki • 1910 Kaliste Saloom Road • Lafayette • LA • 337-406-0904

Kiki • 7707 Bluebonnet Blvd • Baton Rouge • LA • 225-767-9704

June 25, 2013

[M]aking Bad : Don Eladio Vuente’s Rosary

Episodes Title: “Salud” & “Crawl Space”

Original Air Dates: September 11 & 18, 2011

Crafted in Sterling Silver and designed specifically for the character Don Eladio played by Steven Bauer in AMC's hit series Breaking Bad, the Eladio Rosary is far from your traditional rosary. Sculpted rose thorns make up the links of the chain, replacing the more traditional rosary beads. And the Crucifix was swapped for the "Evil Eye" making reference to the Cartel boss' mixed Greek/Mexican heritage.

Eladio Vuente wearing rosary/necklace. Order your's here.