Black Diamond E.T. Cross with Apollo Heart • Mismatch Endless Hoop Charm Earrings

At your core, you are loyal and true to your heart. On the outside you've got an edge to your style that keeps you protected. Stripped of all the fuss generally associated with heart symbols, the rough-hewn texture of this mismatched earring pair is straight to the point, just like you. An edgy combination with a hint of sweetness and shimmer. Evocative and original in oxidized silver and black diamond.

This listing is for a MISMATCHED PAIR of earrings:

Oxidation is a darkening process which creates an aged affect. Levels of darkness can range from light gray to deep black. It is not a permanent treatment and is expected to wear over time. While we love the shifting quality of oxidation, any design can be re-oxidized. Contact the studio for more details. We advise allowing Oxidized Sterling Silver to weather and wear naturally. Avoid polishing cloths, solutions or compounds.

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