Gold Eye of Horus Charm Bangle with Turquoise

While open to the interpretation of the wearer, our Eye of Horus Charm Bangle is not actually intended to represent the Evil Eye, but rather conceived to depict the presence of the “third eye” in all of us and to serve as a reminder of how we often miss the answers we are looking for even when they are right in front of us. Stunning in 18k Gold and Turquoise.

  • 18k gold smooth bangle with single 18k gold charm with Turquoise (approximately 1/2")

  • Available in two sizes: Medium or Large. To determine which size fits, measure the inside diameter of your favorite narrow bangle (or go into a shop, try some on and then measure the inside diameter of the one that fits). Our Medium measures 2 /1/2" and the Large measures 2 3/4".

  • This item is made-to-order and may take up to two weeks to create

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

Designed to be mixed and layered, Brevard's Charm Bangles are the perfect expression of who you are. How will you mix yours?

Also available in Sterling Silver, Platinum and 18K Yellow, Rose or White Gold. For more details, please contact us.