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An Eye on Brandon Boyd

An Eye on Brandon Boyd

An insightful interview with Brandon Boyd, lead singer of Incubus, in this months's issue of All HollowMagazine with gorgeous photography. One of the pieces that really draws you in deeper is our Eladio Rosary. Originally created for Don Eladio in Breaking Bad,yet across these pages, the Rosary has transformed with a more mystic connotation from another time through an intriguing blending of baroque and rock n roll.

Sculpted rose thorns make up the links of the chain, replacing the more traditional rosary beads. And the Crucifix was swapped for the Evil Eye making reference to Don Eladios‘ mixed Greek/Mexican heritage in the show, but here the Eye seems to have a more cosmic perspective that lures us into an intuitive space connecting us with the soul.

Weather you see the Evil Eye or a Third Eye is entirely up to you. As a designer, I am drawn to the how the narrative of a piece shifts and takes on the voice of the person wearing it. The Eladio Rosary is one of those bold pieces with an irresistible dark undertone with many more tales to tell. . .

Brandon Boyd • LEE BREVARD Eladio Roasry • All Hollow Magazine

Brandon Boyd in All Hollow Magazine • Lee Brevard Eladio Rosary