Often referred to as protective armor, our eclectic mix of bangles and bracelets are obsessed over by those who seek to make a statement. An array of stones, textures, and metals provide the building blocks for telling an intriguing story on the wrist. Juxtapose and stack them to create a sense of movement and embrace all of life’s eclectic dualities.

    The sculptural light weight of the Hammered Bangles  and the Old Money Bangles  have a subtle but commanding poetry to them. The Nugget Bracelets  are composed of hand cast metal beads with a confident weight that you’ll feel naked without. The Bangles + Bracelet collection is all about sound and motion; it commands attention by never staying quiet or still. From a muted tone on tone look that focuses on the contrast of textures to bold eclectic stacks with more wild notes, our Bangles + Bracelets Collection contains everything you need to make music and fashion out of jewelry.