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Studio Hours: Monday through Friday from 10am - 5pm (Pacific Time)



As a working artist studio, studio visits are by appointment only. Catch a glimpse of the design process, shop the collection, or discuss a custom project. We welcome your visit, please reach out to schedule your visit.

Located in Venice Beach area of Los Angeles, once your appointment is confirmed, you will be sent the studio address along with directions.

Appointments times are generally Monday through Friday from 10am - 4pm (Pacific Time). Weekends or afterwork availability varies.


Steeped deep in the creative culture that is Los Angeles, from the studio's first inception to today, LEE BREVARD has been blurring lines and turning conventions upside down across the realms of art, film, and fashion for decades. If you have a project with us in mind, we would be curious to learn more, please reach out to start the conversation.


Thank you for your interest in the LEE BREVARD collection. We would be delighted to meet. To begin the conversation, please send an email with a little information about your shop, your customers, and the brands you currently carry. Be sure to include your shop's url, and social media links. Once we have had a chance to review your submission, we will reach out to schedule an appointment


"My Drilled Stone Earrings are my go-to for a little glamour without much fuss. I wear them with EVERYTHING! Matching or mismatched with my other LB earrings depending on my mood. Timeless yet different. And so damn sexy! They ALWAYS draw complements and have become part of my signature style."


It's just so versatile! The mixed silver and gold combination and textures of my Old Money chain necklace has such an allure. I treasure all my LB pieces, but this one is a daily favorite. I have at least twenty more items on my wish list - at least, probably more - little by little! So happy to have discovered your jewelry, it's beautifully simple in a timeless way that makes me feel unique. Appreciate the craft and that everything is meaningful. It is always a treat to visit the studio. Until next time, thank you."


"You guys are my ride or die! Seriously, multiples of your single mismatch earrings are ALL that I have worn for over 30 years!"


"For as long as I can remember, Lee Brevard are the only earrings my daughter has worn. Multiples of your single earrings are her signature look. She’s such a big fan and I love buying them for her knowing they always make her happy no matter which ones I choose. Plus everyone has been super helpful when I have questions."


"All my Lee Brevard pieces have become my signature. The new ring is the perfect addition to my stack! To add to my story, my mom & sister loved my earrings so much that they have received (or bought) LB earrings too.... and through the years all 3 of my daughters as well. It’s become a beautiful tradition in our family! Truly a pleasure to work with you, thank you for everything. Love it all!"


"I am in awe of the artistic vision that creates these pieces. Customer service is stellar. While seeing the latest collection is always exciting, we still talk about the studio visit and how amazing it was to see where the “magic” happens. Life Savers candy has taken on an entirely different meaning after hearing the Old Money inspiration story. (My first earring was the iconic Old Money in silver.)"

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