Craft a look that is uniquely your own with our Mismatched Tiny Stud Earrings collection. Designed to spark your imagination and the perfect place to start building your own edgy yet classic ear stack. Whether you're a rebellious soul looking for new mix and match earring ideas, or someone who finds the idea of mismatched earrings a bit intimidating but are ready to let loose, we've got something for you with a collection of options in oxidized, antiqued, and sterling silver or 18k gold and with or without gemstones or sparking pavé.

    Inspired by the power of mixing symbols and infusing meaning in the layers we wear, all of our earrings have been offered as single earrings since the late 70s to encourage more self expression. Be sure to explore our Tiny Stud Earrings for single or matching pairs, or mix with our Charm Earrings and Mismatched Charm Earring Pairs to complete the look. Whether you are into minimalist design or maximalism, discover our assortment of artisan fine jewelry from our handcrafted chains to our signature rings.