The infamous Zafiro Anejo Tequila from Breaking Bad

Zafiro Tequila Copper Bottle Stopper with Don Eladio & Gus Breaking Bad by Lee Brevard

Zafiro Anejo. A generous gift from Gus to Eladio in this episode titled “Salud” in BREAKING BAD. 

Stylized to resemble an Agave in a planter, the Zafiro Anejo Tequila Bottle Stopper is copper plated sterling silver to compliment the blue glass of the antique 19th century liquor bottle.

We know, you've been searching for a bottle to no avail, but the thing is Zafiro Anejo is not a real liquor. It was made up by the production crew when their attempts to find product placement for that particular scene fell through. Apparently, none of the companies they approached were keen on the idea of people dropping over dead minutes after drinking their product.

Don Eladio & Closeup of the Zafiro Anejo Tequila Stopper for Breaking Bad by Lee Brevard
Zafiro Anejo made its first appearance in BREAKING BAD, S4, E10 - “Salud”