Gunning for Anna in Breaking Bad

Anna Gunn recently wrote an Op-Ed piece for the New York Times discussing some of the reactions towards her character Skyler White. It’s a great read, here's the article link.

In this scene, Skyler is wearing our Sterling Silver Old Money Drop Earrings with Blue Topaz along with one of our Wire Wrapped Chains in Sterling Silver and Hematite. She wore Lee Brevard through out the series. Contact the studio or more details.  

Gunning for Skylar White. Breaking Bad scene fo Walter White threatening Sklyar in the car while wearing Lee Brevard Jewelry

The inspiration behind our Old Money Collection has an unexpected pop art twist. One afternoon while working in the studio, talking and cracking jokes, Lee with his explosive laugh, he inadvertently spit the partially dissolved lifesaver onto his workbench after one particularly funny joke. The form of the ejected lifesaver struck Lee's attention and became the inspiration for the Old Money Collection, as it resembled a severely worn out coin and fit perfectly into the Lee Brevard aesthetic with soft edges, unique textures and a mysterious heirloom sense of origin.

Anna Gunn in Breaking Bad, Season 4 – Episode 6  – “Cornered”