Look Who's Back • Better Call Saul

The Cousins are back! Leonel and Marco Salamanca were a lethal element in Breaking Bad and it’s a sure sign things are get about to get a whole lot darker in Better Call Saul in Season 2.

Determined to clean up Tuco’s mess, Hector sends his menacing twin nephews, better known as “The Cousins” to deliver Mike a message. When the Cousins appear on the roof of an adjacent building leering above Mike’s granddaughter in the swimming pool, we at this point in the story do not know who they are - but we know they were sent by Hector. Their demeanor and their dress are enough to get their message across loud and clear. Their silence is way more threatening than words. Mike knows. We know.

Better Call Saul Skull Boot Tips by Lee Brevard in Season 2

Images from S2, E6  • “Bali Ha’i”.

Being HUGE fans of both shows, we were thrilled to continue being part of the legacy. Originally created for Breaking Bad, our Skull Boot Tips have become the signature style of these two badasses and can be special ordered.