[M]aking Bad : The Skull Boots Tips from Breaking Bad

Perhaps one of the most iconic design from the 
BREAKING BAD series are our Skull Boot Tips worn by twin assassins known as "The Cousins", played by real life brothers, twins Daniel and Luis Moncada, these badasses seem like really sweet guys in real life. Read their interview over at AMC talking about their signature boots and how they take on their killer personas for the show.

Skull Boot Tips shown here on white boots during a fitting before the boots were dyed a deep burgundy for the show. Bryan worked closely with Vince Gilligan throughout the process of modeling the skull tips, with the original inspiration being Keith Richards’ signature skull ring. Carved & cast by hand in Sterling Silver with an antiqued finish that highlights the details and gives the skulls depth and dimension.

First Appearance: BREAKING BAD : Season 3, Episode 1:  “No Más”