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The Guest : Midnight at Sundance

The Guest : Midnight at Sundance

Featured in the ‘Park City at Midnight’ category, The Guest had its world premiere screening at Sundance this week to the tune of several great reviews.

According to Twitch, “Fans of TV’s Downton Abbey may need a double take to recognize Dan Stevens as the murderous David. But once they do, they’ll never look at the prim and proper Matthew Crawley the same again.”

Varietycalled the film “A willfully over-the-top, giddily violent exercise landing between slasher horror and ’70s crazy-Vietnam-vet-returns action-thrillers.”

Anna, played by Maika Monroe wore the Pyramid Necklace designed specifically for the film along with pieces from the Lee Brevard collection, including our Pirate Ring and Tiny Stud Earrings. You can see the details of the Pyramid Necklace pendant up close in the GUEST Who? post.