The iconic Endless Hoop. First introduced into the collection in 1979 that has maintained its allure because it is light weight, delicate, yet reliably strong and versatile. With proper handling, they are an effortless component of your everyday style.

Endless Hoops are composed of thin tubbing and pin that latches the hoop closed. They are strong, but do have their tensile limits - like all fine jewelry - and should be handled with care. 

Many of customers have been wearing the same hoops for decades, so when someone expresses having trouble with one, we ask to review their hoops to try figure out why. And would rather replace an Endless Hoop than lose a favorite charm. Inspect your hoops regularly, if at any point one gives you concern, please send it to the studio for review. 

To take advantage of our Endless Hoop Exchange Policy the old hoop is REQUIRED. Without the old hoop a replacement hoop will cost full retail. You may purchase a new Endless Hoop from our online shop by clicking here.

Simply send the old hoop in an ordinary envelope via US Mail. Please keep the charm safe with you, just send the hoop. Tape the hoop to a piece of paper with your return address, email, phone number and let us know roughly how long you've been wearing the hoop. In the United States, there is no charge for shipping on a hoop exchange.

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Suite #107-420 
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Generally, hoop exchanges ship once a week - so depending on when your envelope arrives, your new hoop could take few weeks to reach you. When you include your email address, you will be notified when your new hoop is it’s on its way.

Endless Hoop Exchange Policy applies ONLY to the 12mm Endless Hoops used in our Endless Hoop Charm Earrings

Charms are not sold without an earring hoop or a pendent jump ring.

We understand that some customers may prefer a Latch Hoop Earring style and offer a 13 mm version in 14k yellow gold to complement your Endless Hoop Earring Collection

Please note, the diameter of the Latch Hoop Earring can sometimes a bit wider than the hole on certain charms from our Endless Hoop Charm Earring Collection. If this is the case with a favorite, contact the studio about expanding the hole to accommodate the Latch Hoop

At time of order, we are happy to adjust the charm's hole free of charge. Simply leave a note during check out process to “please adjust to fit a latch hoop”. Once altered, your earring purchase would be considered final sale. 

After purchase, there is a small fee for the charm adjustment, please contact the studio for more information.

All our post back earring designs corporate a 14k gold post back & butterfly clutch. 

If you have allergies and need a different metal for earrings, please let us know. We are happy to accommodate and offer recommendations.