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Gold Palo Coiled Snake • Endless Hoop Charm Earring


Snakes and serpents have been vilified primarily by the story of the Garden of Eden. However, in other beliefs, snakes were healers and guardians of the Gods, acting as a conduit to the spiritual realm. In East Indian alchemy, snake symbols represent those seeking to achieve harmony between the physical and ethereal. Our Gold Palo Coiled Snake Earring is a powerful talisman of transformation. It is said a snake may appear when you are stepping into the unknown, and in need support to move forward. 

  • 18k gold snake charm delicately dangles on a delicate 14k gold Endless Hoop 

  • Earring is approximately 2" in length (including hoop)

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

  • Designed to mix or match. How will you wear yours?

Our Palo Jewelry Collection was inspired by Palo Santo, one of the oldest and most revered tools for spiritual cleansing that is quite humble. Spanish for "holy wood," Palo Santo is the wood from the Bursera graveolens tree and its sacred use can be traced back to the Incas. Believed to be spiritual purifying and energy cleansing. Inspiring creativity, bringing love and good fortune. while encouraging a deeper connection to the divine source.