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Tiny Ohm + Tiny Lotus Flower Mismatch Earring Pair

Connection, unity and love. The ever present OM, is the pulse of the universe and the source of our whole being."Om mane padme" refers to the spark of enlightenment present in every living being known as the “jewel inside the lotus". A symbol of forgiveness, gratitude and compassion, the Lotus Flower invites us to stay humble and focus our energies on inner peace.

Share your message of love and grace with this mismatched earring pair in Sterling Silver.

This listing is for a MISMATCHED PAIR of earrings:

  • one Sterling Silver Tiny Ohm Earringwith 14k gold Endless Hoop.Earring is approximately 7/8" in length (including hoop).

  • one Tiny Lotus Flower Earringwith 14k gold Endless Hoop. Earring is approximately 7/8" in length (including hoop).

        • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California