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Gold Aries • Endless Hoop Charm Earring


Aries, the Ram, is the first sign in the zodiacs. Its appearance in the sky marks the beginning of spring and the start of a new cycle of life. Offered here as sterling silver endless hoop charm earring.

In Hellenistic astrology, the Aries constellation comes from the Greek myth of the Golden Ram who rescued brother and sister, Phrixos and Helle from being sacrificed in order, to appease the gods. To honor the valiant Ram, Zeus placed it among the stars. In a later myth, the Golden Fleece of the Ram was stolen by Jason and the Argonauts.

Appearing with the vernal equinox, the ancient Egyptians considered this constellation to be the "Indicator of the Reborn Sun",with its position at the zenith coinciding with the rising of Siriusin the east and the flooding of the Nile. Depicted as a man with a ram's head, the sun-god Amon-Rarepresenting fertility and creativity.

  • Aries : March 21st - April 19th

  • 18k Gold Charm floats on a 14k Gold Endless Hoop

  • Earring is approximately 1" in length (including hoop)

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

  • Designed to mix or match. How will you wear yours?