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Gold Sagittarius • Endless Hoop Charm Earring


Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac and associated with travel and expansion. In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is a centaur: half human, half horse and able to choose either form. Commemorating one of the more heroic figures of the zodiac, the mythical figure Chiron, renowned for his wisdom, hunting skills, caring nature and ability to teach. Often called “The Archer”constellation in honor of Chiron'sarchery skills,whomentored many Greek heroes including Achilles and Jason.

During battle with other vicious centaurs plaguing the countryside, Heraclesaccidentally shot Chiron with an arrow and was extremely remorseful since his arrows were tipped with the deadly venom of the Lernean Hydra, which killed any victim it touched. Being that the centaurwas an immortal, Chiron was in terrible agony, but he could not die. Prometheus, the Titan, saw his plight and managed to release Chiron from his pain, helped him become mortal and enabled him to leave the Earth and travel the sky.

  • Sagittarius : November 22nd - December 21st

  • 18k Gold Charm floats on a 14k Gold Endless Hoop

  • Earring is approximately 1" in length (including hoop)

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

  • Designed to mix or match. How will you wear yours?