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Gold Tiny Lotus Moon • Endless Hoop Charm Earring

Crescent Moon symbols signify clairvoyance and knowing without thinking. Illuminating the qualities of our psyche with a gossamer glow that is more open to the more subtle and esoteric impressions. Wearing the symbol of the moon states your universal intention to allow your intuition to guide you. Offered here in 18k gold.

Inspired by the circular perfection of a lotus flower our Lotus Collection centers around spiritual awakening and unfolding potential.

  • 18k gold charm floats on a delicate 14k gold Endless Hoop

  • Earring is approximately 3/4" in length (including hoop)

  • Design comes in 2 sizes, this is the smaller version
  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

  • Designed to mix or match.  How will you wear yours?