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Oxidzed Tiny Heart + Tiny Star • Mismatch Stud Earring Pair

Worn together, two universal symbols stating your intentions to the universe, our Oxidized Tiny Heart and Tiny Star make the perfect mismatched pair. Five-pointed stars have long represented guidance and protection. Used for navigation, allowing the stars to guide your way. And rather than define love, heart symbols take us on a journey of expression. By focusing, and connecting with the energy of love, you open yourself up to limitless opportunities.

This listing is for a MISMATCHED PAIR of tiny stud earrings:

Oxidation is a darkening process which creates an aged affect. Levels of darkness can range from light gray to a deep black. It is not a permanent treatment and is expected to wear over time. While we love the shifting quality of oxidation, we can of course re-oxidize any design. Contact the studio for more details. We advise allowing Oxidized Sterling Silver to weather and wear naturally. Avoid polishing cloths, solutions or compounds.