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Pavé Two-Tone Thunderstar + Thundermoon MISMATCH EARRING PAIR

Offering lightness in the dark, a powerful combination worn together. Star symbols have been a shimmering symbol of hope and guidance across cultures and time. And according to Native American lore, a Thunder Moon appears in the season of storms. When weather changes rapidly and something is on the horizon, thunderstorms can alter the path we are heading. The Ancient Greeks recognized thunder as the powerful combustion that occurs within the human psyche - that spark of creativity, intuition or spiritual illumination. 

This listing is for a MISMATCHED PAIR of earrings:

  • one Two-Tone Pavé Thunderstar Earring - Sterling silver and 18k gold charm with cubic zirconia pavé floats on a delicate 14k Gold Endless Hoop

  • one Two-Tone Pavé Thundermoon Earring - Sterling silver and 18k gold charm with cubic zirconia pavé floats on a delicate 14k Gold Endless Hoop.

  • Both earrings are approximately 3/4" in length (including hoop)

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

  • For additional stone options please contact the studio