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Scarab • Endless Hoop Charm Earring


To the ancient Egyptians, Khepri, Ra was the god of the rising sun. Associated with the transformation of bodies and souls, Khepri, Ra was often depicted as a scarab beetle or as a man with scarab beetle-head. It was believed that sun was renewed everyday by Khepri, Ra rolling it above the horizon, and carrying it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it again, the following day.

The Scarab Beetle, also known as the “dung beetle” for its practice of rolling a ball of dung across the ground which it uses as a food source and shelter, became the symbol of the Sun god due to the likeness between the beetle rolling the dung and the god rolling the sun. The life of the Scarab Beetlerevolved around the dung balls that it consumes, lays eggs in, and feeds their young represents the cycle of rebirth and transformation. When the eggs hatched the Scarab Beetlewould seem to appear from nowhere and became a symbol of resurrection. A Scarab amulet is believed to provide the wearer ‘s soul protection between worlds. It is a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection.

Offered here as a sterling silver endless hoop coin charm earring.

  • Sterling Silver Charm floats on a 14K Gold Endless Hoop

  • Earring is approximately 1" in length (including hoop)

  • This design is available in 2 sizes, this is the largest version

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California

  • Designed to mix or match. Sold individually or as a matching pair.