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Tiny Cruz Nugget Bracelet

A universal talisman from the most remote times. Straight forward and primal, yet undeniably modern. Representing our cosmic center and the point of communication between the heavens and earth, Cruz symbols have always embodied this beautiful sense of awe and wonder. In many ancient cultures the Cruz symbol is known as the “tree of life”.  And these richly textured, hand-carved sterling silver cross beaded bracelets embody that transcendence space in between worlds and time.

  • This listing is for one sterling silver stretch bracelet composed of our signature handcrafted tiny cruz nugget beads

  • Your choice in size: 7" or 7 1/2". Designed to be worn snug around the wrist. The 7" stretch bracelet is suitable for most women's wrist and 7 1/2" works for most men. The sizing can be adjusted by roughly 1/4” increments if needed, please contact the studio to discuss.

  • This items is made-to-order and may take 2 to 4 weeks

  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles, California